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2024-05-07 General Assembly

Retail Zone Books

  • Robyn would like us to stock anarchist books from the Freedom Shop in the retail zone.
  • Consensus in principal but no one can be fucked really.

Rinsing Dishes on Closed Days

  • Camilo reminds the cooperators that this should happen.

Kitchen Audit

  • Carl wants to get rid of shit from the kitchen.
  • He's gonna start a box to put things that we want rid of, and if people to keep things they're welcome to take them back out of the box.
  • An announcement will be made before the box and it's content go away.
  • Carl is also ordering new kitchen stuff like 20 teatowels, high-heat spoonulars, aluminum saucepans.
  • Sol wants oven mitts, we all agree.

Camilo's Time Away

  • Probs gonna be away for 4-6 weeks, hitchhiking by boat up north.

Climbing Gym Deal

  • Camilo is sorting a deal with Resistance to get us free climbs in exchange for coffee, bread, etc.