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2024-06-04 General Assembly

Office Review

  • Dylan asks that, because the office is used for so many things, if everyone is happy with the way it's used / laid out.
  • There's a general feeling that the office is quite messy, especially with paper waste. We should have a dedicated scrap paper box. Dylan also wants a box for posters that need to be postered.
  • Camera equipment organization should extend to the shelves in the middle.
  • Organizing working bee 10am this Friday.

Stage Usage

  • Dylan raises that we did have standards about clearing the stage after usage, and those have slipped.
  • There is a general commitment to keeping the stage clear.
  • Consensus is that we should also keep the plastic seats at the sides, not in front of the fire exit.

Safer Spaces (Piu absent)

  • Moh caught everyone up on a safety incident that happened at a gig a while ago, and the yarns that followed the El from Vagina Dry (who organized the event).
  • We discussed this but don't want to go to far into it until Piu is able to join, so we penciled in a 5:30 next Tuesday meeting.


  • Consensus is that we should remove Jack Brazil, Shiann Jolly, and Elayna Amezcua as shareholders, as they are no longer active within the cooperative.