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2024-06-11 Safer Spaces

Deterrents | In The Moment | Justice

Recap From GA

  • We chatted for quite a while at the GA.
  • First we discussed the incident at a gig a while back, which has prompted this discussion.
  • I recapped the discussion me and El had, including the idea of designated sober moshers.

Sol's Docs

  • Sol presents two documents he made for bands & patrons to look at before events.
  • One is a general gig health & safety doc, and the other is a specific mosh guide.
  • Stage diving could be added to the mosh guide, as well as what to do at the edge of the pit.
  • Pit rules will be interpreted based on people's past pit experiences, making people think different things are safe/unsafe. So, it's up to the venue, bands & crowd to hold standards for physical safety.
  • Bands should be encouraged to make announcements before and after the gig.

Floor Watching

  • People who don't respect others (both physically and sexually), don't perceive their actions as harmful, so talk and signs won't stop them. It takes a watchful eye from others to stop them before bad shit happens, if possible.
  • It's important to have people on the floor, because they can ask questions and check up on people without hesitation.

Signs In Space

  • Signs around the space are for people who have/might be harmed, to know how & who to talk to.
  • We've already got some in the bathroom, so far we think they're good. Straight to the point.

Dealing with Things

  • What are our anarchist models for responding to safety incidents?

Wider Conversations

  • An idea is to open a wider conversation, particularly in the punk scene, to find approaches to safety and people who want to commit to making them happen.
  • We should also look to other venues that do all ages gigs, have conversations with them, and see what they do for safety.


  • Consensus is that we should stop drinking for people who aren't cooperators and friends.