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Wears will be a second-hand clothing store for fashion outside of coercive structures.

It'll look something like this:

    Not separating items by gender
        ⮡   Why reproduce the normative?

    Donate something, take something away
        ⮡   Fostering a gift economy through permanent clothes swap

    Retailing locally designed garments
        ⮡   Supporting non-industrial production alongside second-hand reuse

    Sharing tools and knowledge
        ⮡  Learning together how to make, fix, and subvert our rags & futures

We're part of Ōtepoti Possibilities Cooperative, so we'll be:

    Owned by the workers
        ⮡   Your donations & patronage support the project and its people

    Waving the plain black tee
        ⮡  Demonstrating the collective opulence of anarchism

    Going bossless
        ⮡   Organising without hierarchies and working with trust

    Doing it for fun and fashion
        ⮡   Not saving the world, just making life better for the people around us