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Ōtepoti Possibilities Cooperative (ŌPCo) is organising to explore possibilities for a post-capitalist future through collective praxis now.

We're for everything for everyone.
We're for doing it together.
We're for solidarity and autonomy and equity and tino rakatirataka and ecology and experiments and fun.

We're not interested in "saving the world" because we love the real one.

We're finding the cracks in the concrete
  (There's treasure to be found in the blindspots of industrial capitalism)
We're leaning into non-market relations
  (Other economics exist)
We're seeking productive justice
  (Commerce without exploitation)
We're owned by the workers
  (The members wholly and collectively own and operate this organisation)
We're doing it bossless
  (We organise without hierarchies and make decisions by consensus)
We're waving the black flag
  (Representing the political philosophy of anarchism)
We're trying some stuff out
  (Learning by doing)
We know the possibilities are endless

We've opened Yours, a worker-owned and managed café and venue at 43 Moray Place that imagines a better food system and provides space for radical action, music, art and cooperation.