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Yours Events Priorities (Revised Draft)

Yours Event Syndicate Priorities Revised Draft

Yours offers its space for a wide range of events. However in the opening-up of our space we prioritise certain types of events, in accordance with our values and manifesto.

In order to use our space to provide valued experiences we are more likely to prioritise events which:

>Contain original and/or relevant artistic expressions, commentary, or discourse.
(What ideas are being shared?)

>Are likely to be effective in curating the desired experience of the event.
(How does the event go about achieving its goal?)

>Are respectful towards the event’s participants/attendees
(What feelings might the event curate?)


In order to resist cultural hierarchies, wherein certain groups or individuals have disparate access to and autonomy over artistic/public expression, we are likely to prioritise events which:

>Are not currently being well facilitated by other venues of Ōtepoti.
(Is there somewhere else more suitable?)

>Are being operated by or for disaffected parties of historic and/or contemporary oppressions.

(Which disaffected groups might the event aid?)


Additionally, due to the practical nature of work, we are also likely to prioritise events which:

>Engage with respect towards the cooperative and its members.
(How does the event consider those working to facilitate it?).

>Are within the capacity of the cooperative’s facilities.
(Does the event use the space well?)