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Venue Info

Yours is a worker-owned and managed café and venue at 43 Moray Place that imagines a better food system and provides space for radical action, music, art and cooperation. Yours is operated and managed as part of ŌPCo (Ōtepoti Possibilities Cooperative).

While Yours and ŌPCo regularly organise events internally, we welcome others to imagine, organise, and host events at Yours, either independently or collaboratively, providing they are in broad alignment with our kaupapa (See ŌPCo manifesto). 

We are an all ages venue and do not have a liquor license.

Here is some information about the facilities and processes at Yours:


Event bookings at Yours are managed on a case-by-case basis through the ŌPCo Events Syndicate, with respect towards:  

1) Our kaupapa (See ŌPCo manifesto), 
2) The requirements of the event, including the needs of those facilitating it.
3) The other functional operations on site.

When contacting us about an event, please make sure to communicate enough detail to help us understand its requirements and desired outcome.


Yours does not charge set amounts to its patrons, instead we let participants decide their contribution through a pay-as-you-like system.

We strongly encourage events to employ inclusive payment schemes, such as: pay-as-you-like, koha, or waged/unwaged pricing. Please feel free to talk to us about options.

We do not charge a set venue fee, instead we accept koha, donations or contributions to the operations of the space.

Note: The operational cost of Yours before labour and ingredients are ~$175/day

Event Promotion

The responsibility of event promotion lies on the event organisers. If you wish to collaborate on organising, please let us know when you contact us. We may be able to assist event promotion even in the case of independently organised events.

Use of Facilities

Depending on the type of event, Yours can offer the use of its:

Yours has a total capacity of 108 people (including workers/staff)

We can also provide the following services for events:

  • We can serve food & drinks (Please note: we do not serve alcohol)
  • We have in-house sound/lighting technicians if required

Our current opening hours are:

  • Wednesday-Friday: 2-9pm
  • Saturday: 12-9pm
  • Sunday: 12-6pm

Events which operate outside of our standard opening hours can be organised by arrangement. Please let us know if this is the case.

Sound & Lighting Specifications

Yours has the following sound & lighting equipment:

  • Stereo PA + x4 subs
  • MR18 wireless mixer/stage box (DI capable)
  • Tablet to control MR18
  • x2 Stage foldbacks
  • x6 Microphones
  • Microphone Stands
  • Guitar amp (Alron 45W)
  • Bass amp (Hughes and Ketter BK200)

Music events will require a dedicated sound operator. While we can offer an in-house technician, larger or more complex music events might require us to hire a contractor at a cost of around $150. Please take this into account when organising your event.

Lighting and Vision
  • Digital Projector + Screen
  • Stage Lights (x3 fresnel)
  • Effect lights
  • Lighting mixer

For screenings we will provide the following connections:
Projector: HDMI Cable
PA: 3.5mm stereo jack (headphone plug)


Our building at 43 Moray place contains a bunk room on the 2nd floor available for short term use by those who are holding events. The first floor has a domestic kitchen, shower and toilet also for use by guests. Please note the first floor facilities are also shared with the ŌPCo office.

Kitchen Specifications

Yours has the following commercial-grade kitchen equipment:

  • Gas stovetop (6-burner)
  • Combi-Oven (Convotherm steam injection)
  • Deck oven (Double-deck E-700)
  • Dough mixer (40L spiral)
  • Dough mixer (20L planetary)

We can also provide space and equipment for preparation and cleaning, as well as fridge space for cold storage.


To enquire about Yours as a venue for your event just pop in when we're open for a chat or email a detailed description of your event to