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2023-03-07 GA


  • We still owe Carl's dad 10k - Carl will bring it up a lot.
  • Rent due soon - should be fine with all the events!
  • Sina raises storing money away from the till for security.


  • Lots booked.
  • She'll Be Right screening.
  • Normal nights.
  • Other stuff - busy busy.
  • Looking for events 17th & 18th.
  • Hamish's Fringe performance & workshop - sold out!
  • Others.
  • Dylan proposes:
    • Office reading group (all chill)
    • Hosted game (all chill - maybe 19th?)
    • Fran raises that people being upstairs for these things need to be told about looking after upstairs.
  • Ratworld - 22nd or 29th of April. Fran talking to them about downstairs vs upstairs space, will probably use downstairs.  Jamiema doing photo exhibit in the office space.
  • Birthday Saturday 9th of September.


  • Let's keep the alleyway less junky.
  • Tim coming in with water blaster to clean up.
  • Painting on walls/stairs - make sure it looks nice so no one complains.

Arts Syndicate

  • People to attend meeting of interested people, Carl attending to talk OPCo kaupapa & stuff. Metting 5:30 Monday the 20th, upstairs office.
  • They'll bring a proposal to a GA to form the syndicate.

Upper Moray Guillotine

  • We're starting a newspaper! Aiming for monthly.
  • Media syndicate to meet about it - Friday 11am.

Kitchen Rostering

  • Roster to go onto the kitchen wall - daily photo of it going onto Autorosteration chat for people to see & comment.
  • Deep Clean Party on Friday mornings -  publicly advertised.


  • All chill with BSB delegating to Yours sometimes for opening - will get some keys.


  • Dylan raises that we should have a regular induction for coffee machine, deep frying.
  • Friday afternoons.
  • First this Friday 3pm.

Action Points

  • Carl - Measure back area for Hamish.
  • Dylan - Include looking after upstairs into events info doc (might be separate doc).
  • Carl - Get venue info stuff to Ratworld.
  • Carl - Look into newspaper capacity.
  • Carl - Get endorsement from Zak about Ruari.
  • Dylan - See if Ashley can come to Friday coffee induction.