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2024-03-05 | General Assembly

Opening Times

  • We reduced our hours over winter, but our capacity is better now so maybe we should open more to make more money.
  • We're gonna try opening at midday on Fridays as well, to catch the lunch crowd.
  • We won't change close times for now because we have more evening events and can close early if it's dead anyway.

Kitchen Cleanliness & Attention

  • Dylan feels we've gone backwards on kitchen cleanliness.
  • He heard a rat chomping recently, so food left out might be an issue.
  • The alleyway is also cluttered and a bit smelly sometimes, needs swept, etc.
  • Kitchen sometimes left dirty in the evenings, needs to be thought about by people in the evening.
  • Some ingredients are eaten without concern for what the kitchen will need the following morning.
  • We'll look for some new trays for segmenting items in the fridge.

"At the Coal Face"

  • Being a public space we get a lot of characters coming in, who we can accommodate for by letting them hang out and eat, drink, etc. But we can only do so much.
  • We should have discussions between ourselves when we meet new higher needs people in the space to make sure we're all on the same page.
  • Being mindful not to let people into spaces like upstairs until everyone is onboard with it.
  • Baz is being annoying.

Queer Refugee Fundraiser

  • Kirsteen is organizing to raise funds for queer refugees to relocate to Aotearoa. She hasn't had much uptake from liberal queer orgs, so she's coming to us for some help.
  • Sol and Liam wanna facilitate some events at Yours.

Coop Camping

  • We're gonna go camping in Naseby over Easter weekend.
  • Sam has a big tent for everyone and we're staying on Liam's parent's section.
  • We will cancel and sort out other if the weather is bad.

Temporary Liquor License

  • Some folks have had the idea to get a temporary liquor licenses for events, although this disagrees with our kaupapa discussions from 2022 about being accessible.
  • We would probably only want it for seated restaurant events, where we would also be allowed to have underage people in the space.
  • We would be happy to facilitate small, chill events with temporary licenses if we like the pitch of the event.


  • Carl points out that we are a reasonably male dominated space/org, and says that it would be good to check in with everyone more often about how that effects us.
  • Carl has noticed "bro-ey" tendencies in how we socialize at the space.
  • This means being aware of our own behavior in the space as gendered, and how that effects the accessibility of the space, feelings of safety, and image.
  • Stakes are higher here with two men living upstairs at the space.
  • Robyn says we should start man-copping. Carl agrees and will man-cop.

Future Events

  • Sam wonders if big events we have planned later in the year need the ball rolling sooner.
  • Carl is getting started very soon on UMBP (Upper Moray Block Party), including writing letters to nearby businesses/residents, securing funding, etc.
  • Currently for UMBP we're thinking Saturday the 19th of October, and Sam will confirm that there aren't council events or anything else big happening on that day.
  • Carl would like everyone to be on the lookout for clowns, jugglers, face painters, circus performers, etc.