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2023-10-03 | General Assembly

  1. It's Sam and Jowan's first GA!
  2. Robin starts a discussion regarding decision making at GAs:
    • We should all try to put any significant agenda items onto the chat before a GA.
    • We'll start a chat on Element to accumulate agenda items between GAs.
  3. Sam presents: The Mushroom Syndicate!
    • The idea is to grow mushrooms upstairs for use in the kitchen, and to retail.
    • One goal for next year might be (legal) medicinal mushrooms.
    • Sam might start at his clinic next door, then move into a space here when it can be fitted out for temperature control and such.
  4. Upstairs space ideas (we'll talk to wider circles about these first):
    • The old EB reading room could be used for mushroom growing (sealed off from the old EB main space).
    • The old EB main space could become a lounge / green room for visitors, so they don't mess up the office.
  5. Carl describes the upcoming event schedule.