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2023-04-02 General Assembly


  • Camilo wants to shred apples for pressing, would like to use an insinkerator.
  • New ones are a few hundred dollars, so C is wondering if we can use the one from our kitchen.
  • Consensus is that is a bad idea, will look into getting a new one.

Bank account

  • Our last form to add people on got lost, we'll start a new one tomorrow.

Domestics check in

  • Carl asks how the people who are living here feel about their domestic engagement with the space.
  • Dylan feels at home in the upper zones, and likes running the Hotel de Moray. He reports that the upstairs kitchen isn't used much.
  • Camilo also likes living here, and makes him feel more engaged with the coop. He's started putting the money he isn't spending on rent (because he's living here), for people to use for wellbeing and fun. 
  • Both report that living here helps them notice things around the space and pick up some of the slack in regards to washing, etc.
  • Consensus is that we like them living here. It's good for the building and the people in it.
  • Further concerns should be gossiped about.

Objection to the discontinuation of the bookings book

  • Dylan was annoyed with syncing the digi calendar and the book, so would like us to use one.
  • Consensus is that the digi calender has more advantages.
  • We will keep it open and logged in on the DJ laptop, for ease of access.

July holiday

  • Dylan reports that everyone in town goes away for a couple weeks within midwinter break, and Carl will be away at the same time. Dates are 30th of June to 13th of July.
  • Proposal is that we should not book events in that time, and maybe close or at least take it chill.

Soundsystem training

  • Dylan would like to train as many people as possible to do basic soundtech work. He'd then like to facilitate people's further learning if they'd like.