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2023-06-06 General ass.

ŌPCo General Meeting 6 June 2023 Notes



Carl has bid on a kitchen knife rack (very cool). Hope we win it.

Dylan: Cates order proposed quantities

50kg Pea flour
50kg Yellow peas
50kg Organic green peas
100kg faba split

100kg faba whole

250kg yellow

250kg split red

Kitchen syndicate to sign off on it.


Piu proposal:

Tamariki disco, babies to 5-6 years old for kōhanga reo. Confirmed date: 29th July. Afternoon 1-4pm (goth night later).


Next tini whetu: opening 21st June (wednesday): 2 printmakers. Accompanying print making workshops.

Simon wants to come at 6:30pm-7pm on Friday after the Blue Oyster gallery opening. Karakia bcoz Māori show. Carl to connect with Simon


Film club is back baby!


Went through list of events until the end of July (lots of events)

Carl to get earplugs.

(forgot to look at money lol)