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2023-11-14 GA

  1. Liam presented the idea of the op-shop project, inviting people to read the sketch on the wiki and hit them up if they or people they know want to get involved.
  2. Sam wants to do a screening of "Even Hell Has it's Heros", either for the 29th or for next year.
  3. Sam says the quakers are wondering if they could borrow resources from us like linen during our summer closing time. We're all chill with that happening since, as Carl says, we are not Richard Dawkins. Sam will label what they're borrowing to make sure it comes back.
  4. This Friday is the Everything Gala, starting at 4:30pm and dinner at 7:00pm.
    • Carl says he'd love some kitchen help on the day.
    • Sam points out we should be careful about alcohol and such, since it's an event regarding CRIME that the police are already involved in. We agree, just in case.
    • Robin will do flowers :)
  5. CRABS. Carl wants to do a Hari Rasai crab night to fundraise for the film, but wonders if there are objections to us cooking dozens for crustaceans? Generally we don't object, but worry that it's not something people except from us. Carl will source them locally from Harbor Fish. Sam told a funny story about a time he almost died of crab.
  6. Robyn and Sol and Sam would like to get bank cards. Sally should probably have one as well.
  7. Currently we have four people on the phone, two of which don't use it. We'll stop paying for them and start paying for Robyn & Sol.
  8. Carl onboarded all of us onto Upstock so we can order food. Yay!
  9. Palestine solidarity
    • Buy pressure regulator.
    • Sol will make us a flag we can mount outside the building.
    • Jowan will talk to local organizers to ask them how we can help.
    • Sol points out that aid is struggling to get into Gaza, so maybe we should put more effort into supporting local solidarity efforts.
  10. Wind down & Summer jobs
    • We have no bookings between birthday fest and christmas time, so Carl reckons it could be a time to be kinda open but mostly just doing jobs like cleaning, maintenance. We'll still make bread and have some basic food.
    • JOBS
      • Move the spray head to the other sink in the kitchen - moderate interest
      • Put LED floor lights up - moderate interest
      • Change the sign so it no longer says The Asian - serious interest
      • Self serve tubs for the retail zone - low interest
      • Courtyard roof to stop leaks - moderate interest
      • Do kitchen work for the new year's food safety rating -  high interest
      • Dejunk the downstairs - moderate interest
    • Post moving the hot water cylinder, the leaks are better, but still there especially in heavy rain. We're all keen to build a roof over the courtyard.
  11. Should we start booking for next year? Yes! But not for January, and let's use this as a time to focus more on our values about what we book.
  12. We probably just need 3-4k to get through our closing time.
    • Dylan reckons we should group bands and activities together by vibe to retain people. We all agree.
    • Currently booked is three acts for the saturday and one for the friday.
    • Drag 7ish on Friday + openers on Saturday.
    • DJ sets from all!
    • Muscleman kissing competition - we need to find muscle men.
    • Shady market in the alleyway, paired with inside cigarette rolling competition.
    • Reverse face painting.