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2024-02-13 | General Assembly

Jobs for Landlord

  • Carl emailed the PM, they want photos of the upstairs fire alarms.
  • PM also wants us to clean the extractor fan.
  • Both of these things are re the DCC building WOF.

Crooked Spoke Palestine Fundraiser

  • Ashley wants to organise a fundraiser event at the spoke on Monday the 3rd of March.
  • So far they want to use our kitchen to cook Palestinian food, may want extra hands.

Robyn's Community Things

  • Talk of using taking our dinnerwear/cups to support Bike Breakfast at 7am TOMORROW.
  • Also providing & storing food for Pataka Ora on Mondays.
  • Jasmine from activism circles would like to use the projector to make a banner before opening hours.

Fish Plans

  • Carl has aspirations of serving fish.
  • He has been deep diving into local fishery practices, and his brain is swimming with ideas. Do talk to him if you have ideas/concerns.
  • An account has been made with Harbour Fish, with a focus on flounder, cockles, blue fin gurnard.
  • We cannot sell seafood we have acquired ourselves, mostly.

Financial Update

  • $540 in our account.
  • We have outstanding bills adding to about $1100.

Trust to Receive Funds

  • Dylan wants to start a trust so that trusts that have money trust us with their money.
  • Three people are needed as trustees.
  • Mr. Pyle encourages us all to peruse the funding available from local institutions.

Event Intentions

  • Carl & Dylan want to adjust intentions for events booking. Ideas:
    • A reduction & narrowing in focus of music events.
    • A soft limit of one event a week.
    • If there ARE two back-to-back music events, making sure they're managed by two different people.
    • Making sure that expected low-turnout events are within opening hours.
    • Trying to more matinee shows, particularly the low maintainence.
  • There is now an events email that people can pick things up from - keep read/unread/marking hygiene.
  • People's commitments:
    • Dylan would like to continue booking some events, but maybe only ones from people that vibe with us.
    • Carl would like to focus on larger events like festivals, conferences, etc.
  • We should have more often Events Syndicate meetings.
  • Next one 3pm Friday.

Domestic Responsibilities

  • We have bad experiences with people living upstairs, and would not like to see that happen again.
  • Carl says the kitchen upstairs is looking a little bit too domestic.
  • Dylan says no-u about the downstairs kitchen.
  • But overall we are doing good! Kitchen is looking mostly lovely post inspection.
  • Camillo opened the floor for concerns about him staying upstairs, but none were raised.

Camillo's Upstairs Thing

  • Sweet Camillo would like to run events upstairs.
  • The DCC would not like us doing upstairs things here if they are super open, but if we approach it as a club it should work fine.
  • Sol would like the floor area kept clear between uses because he is using that space as part of his studio.
  • Should the public know our dirty secrets? No. Maybe some clean up is required before bringing people up.