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2023-08-08 | General Assembly


  • Carl presented the schedule of upcoming events.
  • Planning to come for our Yours birthday in early December.

Roof Update

  • Carl has met with the landlords.
  • We will be responsible for moving the cylinder and the box, so that their people can get to the roof to patch it. We will split the cost of the work with them if asked.
  • Carl and Dylan will get started moving the cylinder this week, with the goal to move it inside and reconnect it.


  • A call has been put out in the guillotine to find something to fill the upstairs art space.
  • There will be a touring performance art show throughout the building in November, using the upstairs space extensively.
  • Liam will be moved out from upstairs by the 15th, sooner if they're able to find a good intermediate place to live.